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I have been shooting 360 video since June, with three different 360 cameras: LG360; Kodak PixPro, and the Samsung GEAR 360. My portfolio is in process of being created, as I am still deep in the editing process as of the end of December, 2016.

Here is one 360 shot of this magnificent tree, Socrates, I have had the honor of living next to for years, who is the subject of one of my in-process projects. ~ Diana Fairbank


Also, I co-produced three 48 HR Cinematic VR Challenges since June 2016, as one of the founders of SIXR - Simulated Immersive Experimental Realities - Read an article about it: here. And about our most recent one, Ryan Boudinot also wrote:

"SIXR is one of the most tenacious, friendly, and creative teams working in cinematic VR in Seattle, period. I freaking love them. This band of VR pioneers is all about spreading and sharing knowledge via intensive weekend jams. I attended one of them last summer and got to see a 360 movie filmed inside a hot tub. This weekend they’re hosting their Holiday 2016 Cinematic VR Challenge. If your holiday shopping is done and you’re itching to create some immersive video art with some of the most inventive artists working in the medium, you’re well advised to sign up. According to the Facebook page, there will be opportunities to experiment with binaural sound and attempts to create Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). I’m too lazy to consult Wikipedia to learn exactly what that is, but I imagine it involves tripping out while wearing a HMD and listening to Dark Side of the Moon."

Here is a picture of our first one, on the last page of this article. And here's another one from Geekwire.

SIXR - Simulated Immersive Experimental Realities

In July, I was appointed to the Board of Directors of Women in Film/Seattle.

Women in Film/Seattle

We held our The Second Tuesday Event for September on Women in Gaming at CNDY Factory >>>more info


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